Been busy….made a couple MOLLE versions, and got a friend whose site is up!

made 5 more pouches and shipped them out to beta testers; and finished 2 MOLLE versions a few days ago! now I just need to get more webbing; probably tomorrow, and then finish up the first batch of 15 pouches! also; will be making a few upsized pouches, at 5x5x3 and in MOLLE, possibly belt loops, for shotgun shell boxes,Jungle first aid kit plastic insert, AR15 20 round magazines, possibly AK 10rd magazines….we’ll see how they fit!

pictures of the MOLLE version, shown with USGI Army Medic pockets and mounted to Plate Carrier; the MOLLE version takes 3 MOLLE slots space on the plate carrier; and takes uh around 3 rows

and for my friend, Jon, his new site is up and running, it is all about guns and politics…feel free to join it!


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updated Pouch with current design!

well after some mishaps with the webbing lol; I am now starting up the “production” model of the SKS pouch !

basically I’ve done some tweaking of the design, and shortened the 1″ webbing used for the SR buckles so that the pieces are there when open as opposed to having to fish for it to close. this is the current design, and I must say, it looks MUCH cleaner!


more pictures!

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Starting a blog on my tactical gear designs!

Well; this is the first post; I’ve already made a few pouches and they are well on their way to being shipped out for the BETA testers! Essentially this is going to be my Bread and Butter; a 10 clip SKS pouch that mounts to ALICE pistol belts and I will be offering MOLLE mount options, as well as differing camouflage patterns to pick from once regular production starts!

these are the first of the series of pouches I am making;

and this is the first of the updated design to allow better weather resistance;