slight update; working on the bicycle pack system and painting

So it is a beautiful Spring day out here…been doing lots of job applications and trying to refine my bicycle rig for more grocery capacity/hunting/camping…and doing a bit of  art painting…. bike so far has the following items lashed/rigged onto it;

two packed Medium ALICE packs on ALICE frames (frames are “flipped” so that smooth side is against the bike rack)

one USGI 9 strap compression sack loaded with tent, sleep bag, sleep pad, rope, stakes, poles

gun scabbard (Vism Shooting gear?) holding a hunting rifle and a medic pouch on outside

small “ALICE” styled bag up front, two medic pockets behind, and two 2-qt canteens in USMC pouches;

medium packs and gun scabbard on w first aid kit

angled view

back view showing just how wide it gets to be…

and my paintings so far;

painting of a nude woman; acrylics

work in progress painting of woman in red

update; new black pouch, gun shows report and bikepacking rig so far;

OK been a while since I posted here…..been busy with selling surplus equipment and uniforms at the local Gun Shows in Albany; they went rather well; made a bit of money in January and made a little less in February, did not have a vendor’s table at the Rickreall Show at the beginning of March; due to it being a little too last minute for me. Anyways…I’ve completed the first of a run of 8 black pouches in 1000D Cordura with vinyl backing; they are a little shorter than the woodland pouches, and wider than them, meant for 12 gauge shotgun shell boxes, medical first aid plastic inserts, or 12 SKS clips;

black pouch next to standard woodland pouch

back of black pouch showing dual method of attaching to belt; LC clips and belt loop in center

12 SKS stripper clips fits it

USGI Medical Kit Plastic Insert

12 gauge shotgun shell box, 2 3/4″ size, with room to spare

and my current bikepacking rig; with a repainted frame, camo front bag, two camo small pouches behind handlebar, 2x 2 quart canteens in USMC first aid kit pouches on frame, and two MOLLE sustainment pouches on rack with the large black compression sack holding my tent, poles, sleep pad, and sleeping bag. ; some photos shows it with no rear rack or bags;

current bikepacking rig

earlier pic without rear rack/bags, in the environment it’s meant to be in

yes that is an airsoft “army” helmet, will be replaced by a Giro helmet; showing the riverfront environment