Finally done with CyclePro Oswego Touring bicycle set up!

SO. I finally got the rear 7 speed wheel on and new tires installed on the bicycle, adjusted brakes and derailleurs, and put a bracket on the front rack; and installed the bag set I want to use, along with my camping gear compression sack; it is basically ready for either commuting or camping!

the bracket I fabricated out of a strut


the bike set up for now; Paratrooper commuter bag up front, with First aid kit pouches for general purpose usageDSCN1541

the rear view of the bike; stuffed compression sack, woodland sustainment pouches, 1 qt canteen/utility pouches and general purpose pouch for toolsDSCN1544

the USGI 9 strap compression sack, attached to the seat with two straps, and resting on the rack, 12 pounds total for the bag itself, have A-frame tent, tarp, poles, sleeping bag, and sleep roll.DSCN1542

the MOLLE Utility pouch,it has my tools and spare tubes in it, also carries a rag and washcloth and cable lock.DSCN1543

almost done with CyclePro Oswego Touring bicycle!

DSCN1529 DSCN1528 DSCN1515I have gotten the tools I need, and decided to put on the original Canti Brakes since the V-brakes did not feel right when I tested them; so here it is!

Brooks CR3 saddle, polished/de-rusted Bull Moose handlebars,

Suntour XC derailleurs and friction shifters

Sugino VP triple front crank, 46-36-26,

shown in pictures are the Araya 26×1.5 rims with Shimano 6 speed gear set, 14-28 tooth

I will upload a couple more pictures with new tires and newer rims with 7 speed gear set

Trek racks, both are technically Rear racks, the back one is the older one, the front one is oriented the way it is because had it been mirrored, it hits the brake cable, and had it been on the rear, it still hits brake cable. now I am looking for a bracket for the front to keep it from falling over and causing an end-over-end accident.

After I get the front rack bracket done, I will be putting pannier bags on it and see how it feels on the road with a load. 🙂