Bike buckets reflectors; and well…damage.

got reflectors mounted on the buckets; and took pics of them today after a few days of riding with the buckets mounted…. and then today. A driver hit my right side bucket as she was accelerating from the parking lot, into the sun’s direction….so she never saw me; and as she was not wearing sunglasses; could not see well enough against the glare of the sun and her eyeglasses.  she gave me her number to call to make sure I get the replacement parts; which entails; a new plano bucket, a set of MALICE clips, and very possibly a replacement rack.


rear reflectors and bungee cordDSCN1606

side reflectorDSCN1607

front corner reflectorsDSCN1608

USGI NVG bag; up front; as a low-rider pannierDSCN1609

wham bam no thanks; bent rack leg; MALICE clipDSCN1610


detail of MALICE clip; tore right off the screws.


shattered corner DSCN1611

shattered front cornerDSCN1613

torn MALICE clip


I am just thankful it was not worse, it could have been my leg that got hit, it could have been in such a way that I got flipped onto the hood of the ramming car;  and I am thankful that the bucket was in the way of the impact, rather than me.

updating….still not doing tactical gear; but focusing on bike; bike buckets!

Hello; I haven’t been on for a while….been busy looking for jobs and working on bicycles; I’ve managed to get my hard-sided pannier project underway and the space of one hour.


the boxes before being put on; yes thats a 1 gallon water jug; each box can hold 2.DSCN1594

the mounting hardware; 4x Tactical Tailor MALICE clips; these have 3/16 holes for 6-32 screws, mostly used for mounting kydex holsters and hard sided accessories. I have seen them used to hold heavily loaded rucksacks on the insides of vehicles; DSCN1595

marked locations for the MALICE clips to go inDSCN1596

drilled holes, and mounted MALICE clips with 6x 6-32 boltsDSCN1597

yeah the bolts are a little long…replaced with shorter ones DSCN1598

first one on the bicycle rear rackDSCN1599

showing the first system mounting; I didn’t like how the tabs were at the bottom…and sticking into the tire’s path.DSCN1600

showing the rough locations; this is to ensure that the panniers don’t slide back or forward into the cantilever brakes. DSCN1601

both of them mounted; with revised system; where the tabs are on the top instead, and with revised boltsDSCN1603 DSCN1604total cost of materials;

$25 apiece for Plano Large Marine Storage boxes from local sporting goods; could’ve paid less on Amazon but I didn’t have patience lol

$5.23 for set of 4 Tactical Tailor MALICE clips

$1.29 for 10x 6/32×1/2″ machine screws with nuts package, 2x packages

$.50 for baggy of10x  6/32×1″ machine screws with nuts; from Habitat for Humanity ReStore


much cheaper than spending $2-3 each for J hooks, or buying BikeBins hard panniers, yeah I could’ve saved more by getting laundry/kitty litter buckets, but I need something that can carry books/art supplies/clothes/equipment/tools without compromising with sizes, and the nice thing about these, they have trays and smaller storage pockets on the lids for misc items; I am planning to find a few rope cleats so I can lash things across the top of them.