Hellcat Pack Take 2; Woodland Voodoo Boogaloo!

Sorry for the silly second part of the title….. hahahahha anyways! since I could not find the DEI Quick Release hardware for the original MOLLE II straps; I decided to cut them off and attach ITW-Nexus Side Release buckles, the same kind of hardware used on the MOLLE gear and SKS gear I made in the past; they are effective, and field repairable, without needing to scrounge hard to find parts.

So after having modified the straps, I mounted them to my Woodland ALICE pack with the MOLLE belt already attached, I am not sure if I put the Load Lifter straps on correctly; since I had disassembled the parts from those straps a long time ago…I hope what I did is OK….but will find out… anyways, since the MOLLE waist belt have the 2 First Aid Pouches already attached, I used them for my hammock suspension tree straps and tarp guy lines and ridge line in one pouch, and my first aid kit in the other pouch, thus freeing up the two ALICE side pockets for foods and such….and also freeing up the top part of the ALICE pack for whatever small gear I might need to lash to. Also, I chose to not reuse the M1967 Sleeping Bag carrier and used the two dark green 1″ cargo lashing straps I have that were formerly on my bicycle rack for lashing bulky items. This saves weight a bit by not having an additional piece of fabric or having metal hardware (1″ Fastex buckles as usual). That is how I have my camo compression stuff sack attached to the bottom. otherwise, packing list is virtually the same as the OD version, with the tarp stakes now sharing the small interior pocket with the hammock.



Close up of the Fastex buckle modification; I cut the stitching below the end of the strap where the original DEI Quick Release buckle hardware was, and folded it under the Fastex buckle, and bar tacked it in two lines for security.


The pack loaded upDSCN1688

Right Side view, Kershaw fillet/fishing knife placed above 2 qt canteen, which is modified to now have a CamelBak strawDSCN1690

Left side, same as OD version, but without pouches or gear up above the 2Qt canteenDSCN1692

back of pack, with the MOLLE II shoulder straps and Waist belt, and showing the CamelBak straw threaded through the open spaces of the strap; I am considering getting a yard of Coyote tubular webbing or Brown or Green tubular webbing to serve as a straw cover.

ALICE/MOLLE Hellcat pack mods; another version

Here is my current version of the Hellcat Pack; but with a different look;

Based somewhat on this blog’s instructions….however, significantly different sleep system used. http://libertytreeblogs.blogspot.com/2011/04/building-hellcat-hybrid-ruck-from-us.html

I currently am using USGI ALICE straps and belt pad on this particular version, but I have a MOLLE belt on the other pack, along with longer ALICE padded straps (Similar to Tactical Tailor’s Super Straps) ; May modify my MOLLE shoulder straps to use ALICE style Quick release buckles if I cannot find another MOLLE Quick Release tab and strap  The pack currently used, is a Medium LC in standard green, and instead of a MOLLE MSS Sleep System carrier, I used a M1967 sleeping bag carrier to hold my compression bag that holds my underquilt for the hammock; and USGI ALICE pouches for carriage of water and foods. Inside the pack; I have 2 days of clothes, extra socks and underwear, and because of the relatively cold weather, a set of Polypros long johns underwear, acrylic fleece sweater and USGI Extreme Cold Weather Parka with liner and hood. In the compression sack on the bottom, is my Underquilt wrapped in an USGI poncho.


main pack view; from top to bottom, flap holds nylon tarp, then center pocket holds canteen stove and cup and fire starting kit, then USGI M1967 sleep system carrierDSCN1685

Right side quarter view, top to bottom, SAW ammo pouch to hold my foods and such, and 2 qt canteen, right lower ALICE pocket holds first aid kitDSCN1686

Left side quarter view, modified AR15 pouch for SKS clips, Kershaw fillet knife, 2 qt canteen pouch, mallet behind left lower pocket which holds hammock tree straps, tarp guy lines and stakesDSCN2768

earlier version of the Hellcat pack; 4x MOLLE first aid pouches up top, two SAW ammo pouches on lower sides, shows the MOLLE kidney belt lashed to frameDSCN2769view from rear, long ALICE padded straps, MOLLE kidney belt, behind the straps, Spec Ops HUMP hydration bladder and a 2-man nylon tent, folded into a square and lashed to the frame along with its poles and stakes.

Modified sleeping bag into a hammock underquilt, and a tarp shelter set up

Modified this $7 thrift store find, a Greatland brand Camo sleeping bag, I think it’s rated to 40 degrees; 72″x60″ size, full two way zipper….. added suspension loops and shock cord channels to the short ends in order to provide me with a way to hang it around my hammock 🙂  since the zippers are intact, I can add another sleeping bag to it and stack them under the hammock to provide me with additional warmth if I need to. .


Detail of Underquilt mount

close up of end on the hammock; showing the bungee hooked into the suspension and the channel cinching the end to prevent drafts  Underquilt

the underquilt on the hammock, it is pretty comfortable, laid in it for a few hours without needing a top quilt or additional warmth…temps yesterday were high 40s , low 50s I think. Underquilt Laid out

showing the width of the underquilt, with the segmented channels and the loops, instead of folding the 2.25″ webbing into half, I wanted it flat so that it still can be used as a sleeping bag. Underquilt shock cord channel and bungee mount

close up of the channel and the suspension loop

and the tarp shelter, it is a simple rectangle tarp, rigged so that instead of a pure rectangle with open ends, it is similar to a folded Hex shelter with corners being utilized as doors, and using a total of 4 stakes, one on each long side with V guy-lines, and one under the doors to keep them closed; it’s not long enough to cover the hammock suspension..but its enough to cover the hammock itself…

Rectangle Tarp rigged Hex style Rectangle Tarp Hex style side

made my own tactical HAMMOCK!

After reading up on the different types of hammocks, and not willing to buy an off-rack one for $80; I purchased 3 yards of 330D Cordura, uncoated in Woodland camouflage, and sewn up the hems and end channels, and sewn up continuous loops of webbing for suspension; I have not spent a night yet, but initial test hang shows it is very sturdy, and very breathable…..comfortable too with the mini spreader bars to open up the space and give me a flatter lay when I am laying on a diagonal lay….anyways, here are the pics!



hammock hanging between two trees; I used cargo tiedown straps for tree strapsDSCN1669

suspension end; showing the continuous loop of webbing attached to quick clip and the mini spreader bar end caps; the bars cause the end channel to be on a wider arc, instead of a super tight arc as without; this eliminates calf ridges, and also provides more space in the body for a good flat layDSCN1670

How I attached the ends of the loop; lots of X stitching, and the quick link, which has a Safe Working Limit of 615 pounds, I might modify the cargo tiedown straps to eliminate the hooks at their ends, and attach the buckle strap to the quick link to reduce weight of set upDSCN1671

close up of the spreader bars’ soft end caps, made from 10″ of 2″ wide webbing, and locked in place by looping the suspension straps around the channel.


the total weight of the set up, without a tarp, is around 5 pounds..most of which is in the hardware for the tree straps and aluminum spreader bars.


Next on the project; a couple ammo pouches and possibly a MOLLE/Integrated AK harness in DCU