Slick MOLLE Cummerbund flap adapter, Multicam

Sewn up this prototype out of 330D Cordura Multicam; it is a slick (no MOLLE webbing on front panel) 3-magazine pouch that is also a Plate Carrier cummerbund flap; for users whose plate carriers do not have a C-bund flap system in place; such as the 1st gen Diamondback FAPC shown; Blackhawk! Industries STRIKE Light Weight PC; and so on. DSCF1615

view of flap side


Flap opened; 4″ hook and loop panels; I chose not to cover the entire inside of the flap with hook and loop, but the option is there if needed.


Back; using the Tactical Tailor style of MALICE attachment and clips


On the Diamondback Tactical FAPC rig


Closeup of top area, no bungee cords yet, I think the next project like this, would have a shorter magazine pocket so that the mags are easier to get at.


The side; unlike most systems in use, this requires the C-bund to go over the magazines, thus securing the mags and maintaining a lower profile than the other method of mag sleeves in front of C-bund flap. With elastic C-bund system, or the Skeletal C-bund, this should be more secure and lower profile.


Overnight Patrol setup with green lumbar pack

Using my modified MOLLE I belt system and the green lumbar pack I sewn up, I have made an overnight patrol, to 3 day patrol setup.


2x CMVS Triple ammo pouches

2x Canteen covers

2x Tactical Tailor Large Utility Pouches

2x Tactical Tailor Medium Utility/Canteen pouches

Lumbar Pack

Knife sheath on belt portion


Pack setup 1


Pack set up 2


External pockets emptied except for AR-15 carbine (would be on my person)


Ammo, goes in CMVS Triple mag, water in canteen , metal cup both goes into canteen cover, food goes into Large Utility Pouch


other water bottle into other canteen cover, 10×10 Bushcraft USA tarp and bunch of paracord goes into other Large Utility Pouch. Medical kit goes into insert, whatever does not fit goes into the bottom of Medium utility pouch, then the plastic insert box goes on top.  stakes, and fire starting kit with Esbit folding multifuel stove goes into other Medium utility pouch, some stakes would do double duty as canteen cup holder on the Esbit stove.


Hirsch-Weiss (White Stag) Goose Down mummy sleeping bag out of main bag, with clothes.


Left to Right; Poly-merino wool long john underpants, nylon long sleeve camo shirt, woodland BDU pants, wool socks, and extra underwear. The wool socks and the long johns are for when it gets colder, and I sleep in base layer in the sleeping bag, the other clothes are change for next day or two days on. Fleece pull over or COld Weather Parka with liner would be worn if colder weather, if not, then lash fleece pull over onto the bag, if dry weather is expected..if wet weather, parka or M65 jacket with fleece inside.

Basically this is an overnight system, and up to 3 days, if I pack extra socks and underwear as well.

Mossy Oak 995 leg rig

Sewn up a 4x Redball 20rd mag leg panel for a customer in 500D Nylon pack cloth in Mossy Oak New Breakup camouflage;

Velcro retention straps

1.5″ buckles and straps for all 4 straps

pleated magazine pockets

added eyelets for drainage; painted because the Dritz paint was very fragile


view of the carrier


Drainage eyelets


Velcro retention straps with Olive green pull loops


Detail of adjusting end with loops for strap retention on leg straps



Detail of belt loops with adjusters pulled at their maximum. Belt loops accommodate up to 2.5″ webbing such as USGI pistol belts or riggers belts.