About SB-Tactical

Hello; this is SB-Tactical; I make custom gear, lately more for hammock hanging for myself, sometimes shooting gear, I now have custom rigs for hunting and tactical equipment for Hi Point users

I use a 1961 Singer 328K Industrial/Home sewing machine for all the pouches, and #69 weight Polyester thread, on 1000 Denier Cordura for ALICE type pouches, custom pouches

24 thoughts on “About SB-Tactical

  1. Hi, I noticed your mag pouches in the sks forum. i’m very interested. i would love to buy 4 of them from you to start off. can you please let me know how we can set it up and whether you are offering any other color config? thank you. btw great work!

    • I am no longer making SKS clip pouches. Sorry. You can however get the British Osprey Med Kit pocket/Small Utility Pouch, they are PALS though, but can be looped to work on ALICE belts, same with the USGI SAW 100rd pouches, which are a little taller.

    • That’s not a bad looking set up. I do notice the drawing is specific for a much older buttpack system, not the camo ones, the camo ones does not have D-rings or loops on the bottom to attach the lower end of shoulder straps to; but they do have D-rings up top for a simple sling set up like a haversack.

  2. I see on 15 April you said that you no longer made SKS pouches. Please tell me you’d reconsider, as I would love to have 4 of them. They’re exactly what I’m looking for.

  3. I would really like to purchase one of your redball chest rigs. please contact me and let me know how to go about doing so. great work on making the rigs. I’ve been looking all over the internet for something that would hold these crazy mags and thank god I came across your rig.

  4. sbtactical,Interested in purchaseing your vertical 8-cell carrier chest rig 4x 20rd Hi-point Redball magazines and 4x 10rd factory magazines.How do i go about that? Hamilton

  5. Hi there…I saw a post on Universal Shooting Sports page about a hybrid sks and wondered if you want to see what I built? If this isn’t you, my apologies…Pat Adams

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