MOLLE II Ruck on Large Coleman frame!

Picked up a vintage Large Coleman PEAK 1 backpack with the large frame; and then got a MOLLE II pack with Main Ruck and Modular Sleep System carrier on Gen 2 MOLLE frame; decided to see how the MOLLE bags interface with the large Coleman PEAK 1 frame…. it works beautifully! I have extra space on the frame for the lashing of other things, or if I remove the MSS carrier, another Main Ruck bag!


Coleman Peak 1 pack, it is roomy, and very nicely made, just very old. (1989 date on the hardware)


Side view of the thing.


Suspension view, the straps and belt are not comfortable at all for me.


So I put the MOLLE II suspension from the stock MOLLE gen 2 frame on the far right side, onto the large Coleman frame on the far left, in the middle is the small “Junior” Peak 1 frame that is useful with the ALICE series of bags but cannot interface with the MOLLE bags due to the MOLLE bags attachment points being much wider.


Frames without bags, one could lash a lot of items to the frames if so desired.


MOLLE Main ruck, with MSS carrier attached to the bottom, and MOLLE Sustainment Pouches attached to the sides, I’ve had the Sustainment Pouches for a long time, going back to my old bike packing system..a few years, and they are still holding up very well!


bare side to attach to the frame


Upper pack bag’s attachment points, a short strap on the top, and a metal tab thing midway


Another view of upper bag’s attachment, mid tab, then bottom tab by the shoulder strap attachments


MSS carrier bag’s attachments, all 4 of them are in use, and again, they are the metal tab system, and they fit the frame as if the frame was designed for it


Complete MOLLE II backpack on the Large Coleman Frame; there’s about 9-10 inches of space between frame bottom and bottom of MSS bag for the lashing of items.


Suspension side showing how the pack looks with the frame attached, theres another gap between top of frame and top of pack, again for lashing items, or as a very convenient carry handle.


Sideways view of pack on frame, you can see how it is rather large and bulky, but should be excellent for winter trips or group camping! Or long travels as well!

The MOLLE Suspension system is very comfortable, and effective…although it is very heavy, it gives one a feel of being bombproof and able to take on just about anything short of shrapnel damage or flames.

I paid $10 for the Coleman Peak 1 backpack system, plus $50 for the MOLLE main ruck, and I think $15 for the pair of Sustainment Pouches, so the total invested would be around $75, for what amounts to two complete backpacks, and the results is that I now have a very comfortable, very sturdy backpack system, and due to the metal tab attachments, I can quickly remove the pack bags if I need to just lash things to the frame.


Costume finished!

Finished up my Mad Max Berserker Costume! DSCN1587

Mock up design first time around


Close up of mock up


Bubble helmet visor and USGI Sun Wind Dust goggles


Alternative mock up with brown coat


DSCN2146Final design done; I went with different shoulder armor and the black Mosaic leather jacket, and changed belt kit layout.


Shoulder armor; held to the leather jacket by 4 Line 24 steel snaps and an elastic strap around the biceps. The armor is basically a set of kids catcher knee/shin guards. Perfect sizing for shoulder/bicep armor..


Detail of belt with wrenches attached.

DSCN2149Other side of belt, with old hunting bowie knife


Berserker helmet with SCOTT face mask and USGI Sun-Wind-Dust goggles


The face mask used to be a paintball mask; but is now attached to the red helmet using Line 24 steel snaps


With goggles out of way, and with welders goggles on.


helmet-less version, black scarf and vintage welders goggles.


Armored riding boots; the armor pieces were from a catchers shin guard set..knee portions removed and the boots are simply USGI Leather Bellevue boots.


More Hellcat pack set ups!

SO I decided to see just how much I could stuff into the MOLLE sustainment pouches and what the main compartment of the Recon Pack can carry;DSCN1957Front view;

DSCN1958Showing the 2 qt canteens on the waistbelt portion;

in the MOLLE sustainment Pouches; I have the following;

3 pairs of pants all packed into one pouch,

and in the other,

3 pairs of underwear,

4 pairs of socks

3 shirts,

and a Fleece pull over.

in the Compression sack, I have the hammock, underquilt, and a fleece blanket for summertime.

in the Recon pack, I have food, fire starting kit, canteen cups, esbit stove, stakes, hammock suspension, tarp, first aid kit, empty 1 qt canteens for cooking water.

and here is the ridiculously big set up, with an ALICE pack in place of the Recon pack;  I transferred the 3 pocket contents from the Recon pack to the 3 pockets on the ALICE, and filled the main compartment with an USGI mummy bag; I know, it is ridiculously large and bulky hahaha


with the older ALICE pack up top, I notice that the coloring are quite different…


DSCN1960view with belt opened up;

And then here is the minimal set up that would make sense if I have clothes in one pouch, and food in the other pouch;

DSCN1962Basic pack; stuff sack and 2 MOLLE Sustainment Pouches.


no new business, got ideas, heart surgery…

no new orders for my SKS pouches at the moment, so I’m looking at other pouch ideas and gear ideas, and trying to design a system of brackets to utilize LC frames onto a bicycle frame to enable people to use ALICE rucks as saddlebags on a MTB frame, and have been staying at my parents for a couple weeks due to my dad’s heart surgery, a triple bypass surgery.. He is doing very good and is coming home tomorrow, I will most likely remain here for the better part of 6 weeks as he recovers as an assistant and helper around the house, and a chauffeur since the Dr. told him no driving for 6 weeks. I might bring the sewing supplies over to their house so I can do some new ideas and projects and see what happens, I am thinking maybe make pouches for the Tapco SKS duckbills, not sure yet…